Our Lifestyle Offerings and What They Mean

Our Lifestyle Offerings and What They Mean

One of the things that makes Silverland Bakery unique is the variety of products we carry to suit many different dietary restrictions. If you’re someone with an allergy or sensitivity, you probably know fully well what products suit your diet. If you’re curious about changing things up, though, and don’t quite know where to begin, here’s a primer on some food industry terms that we use so that you can better navigate our catalog and others as well.

Vegan- these are products that don’t contain any animal products. All of our natural food bars fall in this category, as well as our vegan brownie and vegan raspberry crumble bar (obviously). The key ingredients present in most of our other products that make them not vegan are milk, butter, and eggs. Another term used to refer to vegan products is “plant-based” although we don’t use this term often as it does not have a clear singular meaning and can sometimes refer to diets/products that are largely, but not entirely, composed of plants. Vegan Brownie - Vegan Raspberry Crumble - Natural Food Bars

Gluten Free- these are products that don’t contain any gluten, which is a term for the proteins in wheat. Here at Silverland, we use the terms Gluten Free and Flourless interchangeably. This is because in most of our products, the only product containing gluten that we use is wheat flour. Notably, Silverland is not “Certified Gluten Free,” which means that our gluten free products are produced on shared equipment and in a shared facility with the products containing gluten. While we make an effort to separate the products by not producing them concurrently and thoroughly cleaning all our equipment between runs, the certification can only be applied to a facility as a whole, not individual products. Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie - Gluten Free Caramel Brownie - Gluten Free Lemon Bar

Keto- these are products that have few or no carbohydrates, in accordance with the guidelines of the ketogenic diet. Because wheat flour is a common source of carbohydrates, keto products are often gluten free, although they aren’t always. This is because the gluten in wheat can be extracted and used for other purposes, such as seitan, a popular meat substitute which is high in protein and low in carbs, therefore making it keto friendly. Keto products mustn’t include any sugar, or even a variety of common sugar substitutes. We use erythritol in our keto brownie and keto blondie. Our keto products are not vegan because of the use of eggs, butter, cheese, and milk. Also, it’s worth noting that the only products we carry which are keto are the ones with keto in the name: Keto Brownie - Keto Blondie

Sugar Free- these are products that have no traditional sugar and instead use low calorie sugar substitutes. We use maltitol in our products  These products still contain gluten and carbohydrates (not keto), they just scale back on the use of actual sugar. These products are recommended for people who are diabetic. They are not exactly the same as products that are “no sugar added” but more on that next. Sugar Free Brownie - Sugar Free Lemon Bar - Keto Brownie

No Sugar Added- many ingredients such as dairy and fruits, have naturally occurring sugar in them. Products that have “no sugar added” do have sugar in them because of the ingredients used, but do not have any sugar (or honey, agave nectar, maple syrup, etc.) added to them. Our No Sugar Added Cocoa Cow Cheesecake and No Sugar Added Raspberry Crumble bars both fall in this category, as well as most of our natural food bars and the Keto Blondie

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