You Probably Haven't Tried Your Favorite Silverland Product!

As some of our longtime customers may know, we have carried all kinds of different flavors and products over the years. From Grand Marnier Brownies to Wasabi Bakery Bars, Silverland has always made an effort to stay current, while making sure to keep the quality and care we put into all of our products consistent. While some products do ultimately get dropped from our catalog (such as the two aforementioned flavors), there are still dozens of products that we love and continue to carry. 

Some of these items are lesser known products that we think deserve more love. Our English Toffee Bar, for example, is a staff favorite! Unlike any other bar in our lineup, this product has a delicious buttery shortbread base. On top of that, you’ll find a chunky streusel with shards of toffee candy, chocolate chips and chopped walnuts sprinkled throughout. If you’re a texture eater, this is truly the bar for you. One bite will transport you to an elegant British afternoon tea. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of a better bar in our lineup to accompany a hot cup of tea, or even coffee!

This month, we’re featuring the English Toffee Bar in our cafe so if you live nearby, come and give it a try! It’s available year round on our website for mail order. Consider adding it to your next bakery box or wholesale order!

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